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The Blog

Anthro Satin Flower Tutorial

Allie Miller

Last week I was wandering around a mall in Dallas and decided to drop by one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. I was looking at the variety of hair accessories and stumbled upon


cute little babies. I couldn't believe that there were $15 dollars just for two, but luckily my sisters had shown me the tricks of the trade so you & I can make some for cheaper! These are actually really simple and all you need is:

1. Scraps of satin material (I love pastels and neutrals)

2. Bobby pins (or any kind of barrette)

3. Hot glue gun

4. Thin satin ribbon (to wrap the bobby pin)

5. Some type of embellishment like rhinestones, pearls, etc (this is completely optional maybe you want them plain)

6. A lighter

Step One: Cut two circles--one slightly larger than the other. I used a quarter and a nickel to determine the sizes of my circles.

Step 2: Wrap ribbon around the bobby pin. You can either wrap both halves or leave the bottom unwrapped.

Step three(and four): Burn the edges of the fabric letting the flame barely brush up against the edges. Next glue the two petals together and on to the bobby.

Step 5: Add rhinestones(or whatever you choose) using a hot glue gun.

I'm selling these two on my

etsy shop