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The Blog

Twine Bowl

Allie Miller

I currently have an app on my phone called stumbleupon. It's a great site for when you're bored and want random pictures, videos, etc to look at, but recently I found out (thanks to my sister) that there is an arts and crafts section. It's amazing! It has thousands upon thousands of craft blogs, etsy pages, hair styles etc. In other words, it's right up my alley. Anyways, last night I was in the mood to do a simple craft and found a tutorial on making twine bowls. So I took a shot at it. Here are the steps:
You need modpodge, a bowl of any size, twine, a foam brush(if you don't want to use your fingers) and saran wrap
Wrap the bowl with saran wrap(or ziplock bag etc.) and paint a layer of modpodge in the bowl. Begin to coil.

Continue to coil and wrap the twine inside the bowl. You'll need to drizzle the modpodge as you go so the twine stays in tact.
Let dry about 24 hours. You may need to take the twine bowl out and flip it upside down to let the bottom part dry. Some of my saran wrap stuck to the bottom, but I figured it's not too noticeable.

And voila! I put buttons in my bowl for easy access when I craft. Plus they look pretty chic in that bowl!