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The Blog

Easy breezy beautiful...pillow!

Allie Miller

This pillow is so easy to make-- just time consuming. I am no seamstress, but I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to recreate it. So here are the steps! (this one has a lot of pictures).

I decided to get this navy broadcloth at the fabric store and cut two big(17"x17") squares. I began cutting strips of muslin to make the 3 stripes. I used the quilting board to determine the width of my stripes. Then I pinned them down.
I cut petals (& a lot of them!) from this left over mustard upholstery fabric.
I tried tracing my petals to make them all even...
but that got old. The different sizes ended up working well though because I used the larger ones on the outside
and the smaller ones in the center.

I made my not-so-even outer ring of petals and pinned them down before sewing them on.
Then I pinned and re-pinned petal after petal until my flower began to take shape.
I didn't want the fabric underneath to show through or else it wouldn't look as full.
I thought this was a good illustration of how crooked
I sew.
I took three petals, pinched them at the bottom,
and hand stitched them before sewing them into the center for a 3-dimensional core.
I used an old feather pillow of mine and stuffed it into my new pillow.

The finished product!