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Allie Miller

I have procrastinated putting up my pictures for two reasons #1 I know they aren't "traditional" outdoorsy pics, so some people didn't really like them & when ya drop a pretty penny on some pics and you get neutral to negative reactions it burns and you wonder if you made the wrong decision (buyer's remorse times 1000, insert emoji crying face). Nevertheless, I do like (love) them and so does Trev. Also I am usually the type to go against the grain so these pictures are very me. The #2 reason for not posting was because my blog was having some formatting issues that I could not for the life of me figure out (thank Hilary for getting it all cleared up--I wish I was as smart as you!) I still am not that great at formatting/spacing, so sorry! There is also significant meaning in the striped black and white shirt I wore--it was what I wore on my first date with Trevor so I wanted to incorporate it somehow :) Anyway, no more blabbing let's get to the p i c t u r e s.
By: Alixann Loosle Photography