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The Blog

DIY Dresser

Allie Miller

Lately I have been swooning over 

Alice Lane Home

's decorations. I can't afford anything there, but I like to dream & the DIY below sort of reminds me of something from Alice Lane Home that would be featured in Rachel Parcell's home. Since we just moved into an apartment, we didn't have a lot of storage for clothes….and I have

a lot

of clothes. We got this killer deal on a wooden dresser on KSL for $25 and maybe spent $15 jazzing it up.

This is the before. I wasn't sure if I should keep the natural look or paint it white. I chose white and bought the cheapest spray paint at wal-mart for 96 cents/bottle and used about 3 cans to cover the whole thing. I'm sure when we move to Texas we will paint it a different color and use some higher quality stuff from the Miller garage. HA!

I couldn't find gold/copper flat L brackets for a decent price except for on Amazon. I bought the silver 3" ones instead (first from Home Depot for about $3.70/4, then found them at Wal-Mart for about $2.50/4)! I stuck all the nails upright in cardboard because that's the only part that will show. It made the spray paint job go lot quicker too!  

We learned the hard way that you need to drill a hole first before drilling in the screw. You'll want to get these brackets lined up just right or it'll throw off the look.

I wish we had more natural lighting, but when you're living in the basement of a house that's not an option.

Monogram plate & candle are from 

C. Wonder


I wanted to use gold leaf on the top of the dresser but it wasn't working out, so I had to prime over it.

Cloche & amber lights are from 

Restoration Hardware

 & were used in my wedding.

I painted to knobs, bottom, and sides of my dresser with the gold spray paint. Now here is my


(I hate claiming that I wasn't clever enough to think of this on my own. ;) )