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Crew Jensen

allie jensen

On July 7th our sweet baby boy made his appearance into the world. While I've tossed around the idea of sharing his full birth story on here, I have ultimately decided not to. A few things that were pretty memorable though:

1. My water broke AT the chiropractor's office immediately following my adjustment.I rushed into the bathroom where Trevor helped me clean up, but the water kept coming so  I had to borrow a towel and wrap it around my waist. All of the staff was wishing me good luck and waving as I darted out of the office! It was like something off of a movie. I never imagined my water breaking in public. 

2. When I moved into the transition phase of labor, I looked up at the clock and the hand just started spinning around and around..HA! I had no concept of time, it just seemed like labor would never end so to watch the clock spin was pretty comical.

3. We got everything in our "birth plan" which I hear rarely happens. One of the best parts was having my doctor deliver the baby and sit in the L&D room with me for a full hour (maybe 2?) and cheered me  on before actually delivering the baby. When does that ever happen to anyone?